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Just The Same But Brand New

heurtebise overseas

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Если бы можно было так рисовать, то я изобразила бы себя с глазами, смотрящими внутрь.

Occupation: academia

Interests: writing scholarly articles, book reviews, poetry and (fan)fiction, researching obsessively, reading non-stop, doodling around with a pen or a pencil to calm down multiple anxieties... usual business.

If it were possible, I would like to picture myself with my eyes directed inward.

Cats have nine lives. I am not a cat so I only have two. One started and ended in Russia, another started but has not yet ended in the US. I am quite content with both.

Generally antisocial, usually very private, sometimes manic, I have been keeping this blog for a long time despite the fact that my initial intentions for getting involved with LiveJournal are no longer relevant. I guess it is to prove to myself that I can actually maintain a habit - which has always been difficult. Feel as welcome as you may.

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