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If you have been reading this blog as long as I've been writing it, you probably know how much music matters to yours truly. Music helped me through the hardest and the best times, and I can easily measure various periods of my life in the music I'd listened to at the time. 2007 was David Sylvian year, for example. 2010 was mostly Kings of Convenience. 2004, 2005 and 2006 were all Morrissey and The Smiths. And so was 2015. 2016 is... well, it's still too early to judge. Anyway, what I'm trying to say here is that I have been navigating life by putting myself in between melodic tunes and lines of song lyrics pretty much since that very peculiar moment when one stops being a child but cannot exactly be considered an adult yet. You know, the teenage years: first love, first kiss, first realtionship, accompanied by first (and by far not the last) outburst of existential angst. And a first serious music obsession to help with all of the above. In the years 2000-2001, for me it was The Cure. I am not a very nostalgic type so no detailed reminiscences here but I should say that I find it a tad amusing how I finally got to see them live just now, which is when I'm exactly twice as old as I was when I got into them. It would have been funny if someone could have told me back then that I'd have to wait as long as I'd already lived to see them. On another note, back then I most likely thought I'd never be able to go to their show - for reasons too obvious to discuss. But. You never know.

On June 20, they played a 3 hour 4 encore show at the Madison Square Garden. D and me had nice seats and enjoyed ourselves immensely. The Cure looked like they enjoyed themselves too. Robert Smith hasn't changed much in the last twenty or so years. Nearing sixty, his voice is as clear and beautiful as when he was twenty three. Oh yeah, and he was much friendlier and merrier than the rumors of his earlier stage behaviour had it. He even did a cute little dance during the keyboard solo of Close to Me. Speaking of their songs, Pictures of You still has a cathartic effect on me. Every fucking time I hear it. Some things don't change.

Also, having checked their concert off my list I'm pretty much done with said list of the musicians who'd been influential in my formative years. Morrissey, David Byrne, Pet Shop Boys, and now The Cure - I've seen and heard them all. Well, except one more musician.

But even with that one, I got pretty close. Some other time, though. Some other time. I'm not ready to talk about it yet. 
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Странно. Это немецкое слово перешло в англ. работы по философии?

А вот чего в твоей Америке сегодня явно недостаёт, так это лёгкой музыки. Если она и осталась, так разве что в немногочисленных фильмах да в рекламных припевках. А так всё забивают рок-музыка и её производные :-(

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Re: angst
Легкой музыки??

You have no idea.

Also, angst has been part of the English language for I don't know how long but long enough for me not to be able to find its starting point, if you know what I mean :)